Commercial Feng Shui

Maximising customer value, attracting the best talent, constantly innovating…after exhausting all means to stay ahead of the curve, what more can you do to ensure your business remains at the top?

Establish a conducive workplace environment that promotes wealth, productivity, and harmony. Reaching this goal may seem daunting and confusing to grasp at first, but Feng Shui can guide you to achieving your targets.

What can we help you?

  • Examine the surroundings of the office to maximise the flow of good energy, and minimise ill energy
  • Activate sectors of the office to enhance wealth generation
  • Identify opportunities for business expansion, potential partnerships, and restructuring with Bazi analysis
  • Bolster harmony between colleagues and productivity through a review of the office seating plan
  • Assist in increasing employee retention rate, reducing workplace accidents, and promoting good health at work
  • Select an auspicious date to start renovations and grand opening of business
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