Residential Feng Shui

Home is where you rest and recover after a hard day’s work. Hence, your house must attract the right energies for good fortune, harmony, and health. This way, you will be able to unwind peacefully in your home and lead a better lifestyle.

Residential Feng Shui focuses on analysing your house to advise on how to enhance good energies in positive house sectors and minimise ill energies in negative house sectors.

What can we help you?

  • Bolster luck, prosperity, health, and harmony within the household
  • Improve career prospects to boost wealth generation
  • Identify areas that help sharpen focus to achieve academic success
  • Activate Peach Blossom (romance) luck for singles
  • Help improve the chances of pregnancy
  • Annual Assessment

    Like your health, your home too needs a yearly Feng Shui checkup. The flow of energy in the universe moves in a cycle. As such, your Feng Shui will vary from one period to another. 

    It is recommended to do an annual Feng Shui assessment to safeguard from impending mishaps, and possibly take advantage of good fortune in a favorable year.

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