For this joyous occasion, we have partnered with Kekhoon to offer a free specialised tea set for your customary wedding ceremony when you book with us. Call us to enquire more.

Wedding Date Selection

It is hard to beat the happiness felt during a wedding celebration. It marks the start of an important phase in life and the day must go as planned.

An auspicious wedding date gives extra insurance the day goes smoothly when you embark on a new journey. A good date can also help ensure prosperity, harmony, and longevity in a relationship.

Our package includes:

Personalised auspicious dates with in-depth Bazi analysis of the couple for key wedding preparation events, such as:

  • Registry of Marriage (ROM)
  • Exchange of Wedding gifts/Betrothal Ceremony (过大礼)
  • Setting of Bed Ceremony (安床)
  • Customary Wedding Date

We can enhance the wealth element for the wedding banquet day to help bring more good fortune for the couple.

These dates are specially chosen based on the Bazi destiny chart of the couple and also take into consideration the zodiac signs of both parents.

This is different from the Tong Shu method of selecting dates which gives more general dates that are targeted for mass consumption.

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