Auspicious Wedding Date Selection

Auspicious Wedding Date – Is It a Necessity?

Choosing an auspicious wedding date is one of the first steppingstones of your journey towards a married bliss. It is a memorable event and should be taken seriously. This decision will affect both you and your partner in various ways. After all, be it for family, friends or your significant other, it marks a big step for everyone involved.

Weddings are not just expensive but also creates a lot of hassle. Planning for it requires working out the budget, booking the first venue, hotel reception and tons of other things involved. There is so much to think about that people forget taking into account the wedding date selection. The importance of a good wedding date will help ensure that your wedding day run smoothly.

Let Master Adrian Lo help you pick the perfect date & time to tie the knot!

Our package includes:

Personalised auspicious dates with in-depth Bazi analysis of the couple for key wedding preparation events, such as:

  • Selection of your Customary Wedding Date
  • Selection of date and time for Guo Da Li  (过大礼)
  • Selection of date and time for Bed setting (安床)
  • Selection of date and time for Hair Combing (梳头)
  • FREE BONUS – Re-selection of Wedding Date in the event if your  venue is fully booked (valid for 3 months from appointment of date)

This package comprises of everything you need for your wedding date and its related activities. All dates are selected based on the couple’s Bazi using authentic date selection techniques, not the general Tong Shu method, which is meant for mass consumption only.

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