Property Selection

Purchasing a property is a long term and financially heavy investment.

A well-planned property purchase will require extensive research and analysis. But even after putting in the time to ensure you make an informed decision, there is no guarantee whether the property you have chosen is suitable for you. With Feng Shui, you can save yourself from this grief in the future by selecting the property that is most fitting for you.

A popular old saying, “prevention is better than cure”, cannot be more true in this scenario. It is much easier to prevent the possibility of attracting ill energy in your property rather than minimising it. We strongly recommend taking on this service as the very first step in your property selection. This way, you can avoid costly renovations or modifications that may be needed later.

What will we evaluate?

Analysis of the surrounding energies, and compatibility between the property and you.

Facing of the property
This will determine how the property taps into the flow of Qi from the environment.

Layout of the property 
We analyse the orientation of the property, as well as the external factors such as water sources and traffic flow.

Internal layout (also known as the heart) of the property 
We conduct an in-depth study into specific areas of the property, for example, the direction of the main door, bedrooms and hallway.

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